Kid Karam

Name: Karam Singh
Date of Birth: Mar 28, 1998

Karam's journey in breaking began in 2006 at the tender age of 8, after being captivated by it in a music video. Inspired to pursue this art form, he wasted no time and quickly joined his first crew, 'Trinity Warriors.' Fuelled by his unwavering ambition, Karam's skills progressed rapidly, and by 2008, he was already competing in renowned events such as the 'UK B-Boy Championships,' becoming the youngest participant at the time.

Over the years, Karam has garnered international recognition, triumphing in numerous competitions across the globe. Since the age of 11, he has been traversing borders to compete against rivals of all ages in major events. In 2017, Karam's career took flight, coinciding with his successful completion of a degree in sports coaching and development. This educational pursuit not only expanded his knowledge of his own body but also allowed him to incorporate external factors into his performances, contributing to some of his most significant accomplishments to date.

In 2019, Karam clinched the title of UK B-Boy Championships World Finals solo champion, followed by his victory as the Red Bull BC One UK Cypher champion in 2020. That same year, he made history as only the third representative from the UK to compete in the prestigious Red Bull BC One World Finals, which has been held for over two decades.

Karam's work ethic and positive attitude extend beyond his athletic pursuits. He is also a professional model and dancer, showcasing his talent and charisma in various projects. With an active presence on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, he has amassed a substantial following of over 230k dedicated fans.

Adding to his list of remarkable achievements, Karam holds the distinction of being the first male breaker to be signed as a Nike athlete, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the breaking community.

Currently, Karam holds the silver medal from the WDSF European Breaking Championships, which guarantees his automatic qualification for the European Games set to take place in Krakow in 2023. This achievement further cements his status as one of the frontrunners for the Paris Games.

Karam's remarkable journey as a breaking champion and his ever-expanding repertoire of accomplishments position him as a force to be reckoned with. With his star turn in the 'Breaking Point' feature film and his unwavering determination, Karam is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of breaking and beyond.

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